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by Marina Greggio
About Me

Hi everyone! I’m Marina Greggio, a 25 years old Italian girl who lives in Grenoble. I graduated in International Management at The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan. I opened this blog when I was in Washington D.C., at The Catholic University of America, for my Exchange Program. Currently, I am studying for my dream job at Grenoble École de Management a Master’s degree in Fashion, Design, and Luxury Management.

When I’m not a student, I write for two Italian web magazines called Alpi Fashion Magazine and Luxury Style Mag. I mostly write about art, travel, and fashion. I am a Brand Ambassador at WRAD, I work for a small sustainable Italian brand called Zancobel, I’m a marketing associate at WiBF, and head of the marketing team of Mondo Internazionale!

The main reason why I opened this blog was to take you with me during the incredible adventure in the U.S.A., and also because it was part of my Fashion Marketing class! Crazy, right? The reason why I called my blog Marina’s Discoveries is because I love to discover. I’m curious and willing to know everything, like a baby who sees the world for the first time ever. So, I hope my curiosity and my inner child will interest you!

I love team sports like rugby, soccer, and particularly volleyball. I’ve played it for 13 years! I think team sports are the best, as you can share the same feelings, fears, excitements, successes, and failures. Volleyball will always be in my heart and sometimes I really miss the smell of the rubber of the gym and the sound of the ball squashing on the floor. Last but not least, I love London. I really have a passion for that city. I’ve been there 12 times, and every time I go it feels like it’s the first time. I will never get tired of it!

Marina’s Discoveries is ready to start this journey with you!