Capra e Cavoli Milano presents a new place with “little houses”

by Marina Greggio
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After months locked out of the region, I finally returned to Milan. A walk and a ride on the subway have never been so pleasant, even during exams and a late summer. Milan, to me, has also always been about trying all the restaurants on my list. Because yes, those who know me, know that I have a list of places that I want to try every time I go to a city. So, to celebrate my return home, I finally chose the beautiful restaurant Capra e Cavoli Milano.

The restaurant is in the Isola area, Garibaldi station, with a beautiful view of the famous Bosco Verticale. It is a restaurant specialized in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, which to reopen safely in time of Covid has been transformed into a small village with many themed houses. There is the little house of love and the one inspired by Marrakech, the garden house, the kitchen, and the parrot house, where I had dinner.

The beautiful Capra e Cavoli Milano belongs to the talented and very kind chef Barbara Clementina Ferrario, who has reduced the seats from 70 to 35 but has not changed the prices. "I don't like the idea of raising them at all, nobody is to blame for what happened," she says in an interview. Barbara exploited in a totally creative way what is still a restrictive rule: social distancing. In fact, she worked with the talented Pietro Algranti, who has a laboratory of furniture made with recycled materials, to create the 14 little houses with each of the 14 tables completely unique in their style. The two creatives exploited old doors and windows, doing everything on their own.

I admit that as soon as you enter you feel a peaceful atmosphere and it doesn't even seem to be in emergency time if it weren't for the mask, the gloves, and the temperature measurement to which each customer is subjected at the entrance. The restaurant promises good food and, thanks to the innovative idea, rare privacy, without ever taking your eyes off the central square. The food is not only suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but also offers excellent fish dishes and is presented as real works of art of rare quality. The menu of course changes, an indication of freshness and the use of seasonal raw materials. A 360° experience that you can't miss.

I fell in love with it, didn't you?

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