Cettina Bucca and her “Myth and Magic” collection

by Marina Greggio
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The Spring/Summer 2020 collection by the designer Cettina Bucca takes inspiration from the beauty of the Sicilian past between fashion and culture. A light shadow in the sunny afternoons in a lived experience that has to be rediscovered, between the history pages of the island’s hinterland, to find again in the perfumes, in the taste, and finally in the words, even if only whispered, the timeless emotions that only the ancient flavors can recreate, with that intense and nostalgic becoming that sneaks between culture, myth, and magic of a place.

Clear and bright images of a distant time tell the enchanted atmospheres between old stone stairs and dusty little roads cross the vineyards and fields of wheat not yet ripe. The enchanted island, where the fields merge with the starry skies and the horizon, often matches with the last strip of a distant sea. It is from the suggestion of this land of volcanoes and from the history that characterizes it that a series of creations are born in which the mythology crosses with the legend and the landscapes with the everyday stories.

The bold and talented Sicilian designer brings these emotions back to her collection through suspended fluidity, whispered transparencies, whispered lightness and unveiled magic. The prints propose a path that goes from the typical ceramics of the island to the wrought-iron balconies where arches and bas-reliefs overlook, to the carved marbles typical of patronal houses and cathedrals. The magic brushes the flowers that every spring blooms on the almond trees on the prints, as if by magic.

The lines appear relaxed, restructured, enveloping, comfortable and harmoniously floating. The detail hides discreet elegance to make the woman shine in her beauty and enhance her personality. The impalpability and brightness of silk, the richness of brocades fabrics that, as it used to be, are loom- worked and totally eco-sustainable, the noblest and freshest cottons, the buttons in glazed terracotta or in real mother-of-pearl, give life to a set of “objects of desire ” which carry the allure of this summer collection between the dreamlike and the evanescent, with symbolic contaminations and hybridizations of the Sicilian soul.

Fluid blazers like blouses with and without belt, wide trousers and midi dresses that slide all over the body like dressing gowns, enhance the beauty of refined, interpreted and personalized prints. Sophisticated colors dye the clothes with three-dimensional textures and the shantung and twill dust coats. The bustiers become the must of the collection, with a rich range of shades ranging from watery and washed ones to those extremely colorful in cotton and silk satin. Instead, the brocade bustiers are embellished with very thin belts tied like laces, true emblem of the Sicilian femininity of the past, and revised with new proportions.

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