Confidence Dressing: the pieces you have to own

by Marina Greggio
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We have been talking a lot about how clothes can make us feel more confident or beautiful. Confidence dressing affirms that the way we dress can literally change how we feel in the world and also how we perceive them. Our outfit can actually alter how we approach and interact with the world. 

Confidence dressing: Are there some pieces that must be in our closets because they help us to feel great?

Sometimes we all have those days where we wake up and feel like we need a boost in self-esteem with an outfit that lifts confidenceWhat kind of outfits achieve exactly that goal? You might have a rough idea based on your style, but when you’re standing there in front of your closet, feeling kind of down and impatient, it can be hard to piece together.

1. A Go-To Dress (I call it The “War” Dress)

A great dress has the power to completely change your day around. It’s the one you want to wear both during the day and the night, the one that never bores you. It can be a simple black dress you casually bought years and years ago. You just have to add some cool accessories and the perfect look is created. Easy peasy. 

2. A Pair Of Well-Tailored Pants

Not only do they make you look incredibly polished when paired with classic pieces like blazers or button-downs, but they also add a fun contrast when paired with casual items like chunky knits or crop tops. With them, you’ll look like something straight out of Vogue.

3. A Leather Jacket Over Anything

The leather jacket is the ultimate cool-girl status symbol. It’s effortless, goes with fancy evening gowns and lazy boyfriend jeans, and acts almost like a security blanket when going out somewhere that could be intimidating.

4. A Well Made Knit With Jeans

There’s something about a well made, cuddly knit that just amps up the confidence factor. It might be because it gives you those cozy, relaxed feels like a security blanket. It’s effortless and timeless, sometimes it’s just all you need.

5. A Frivolous Skirt

I wouldn’t discredit the power of a good, frivolous skirt. It might not go with everything in your closet and it might be tricky to wear for all occasions, but there’s something about a piece being lighthearted and sugary that instantly boosts a gal’s mood. So reach for that frivolous skirt and brighten your day.

6. A Structured Blazer With Denim

Blazers are a lot more versatile than you think — they can go further than the usual office desk role. You can take a black blazer from a boring day job to a chic night in a second. And since it’s so versatile, you can use it in many different ways to give you that boost of confidence when you need it.

7. A Killer Pair Of (Easy To Walk In) Heels

The “easy to walk in” bit is important otherwise you won’t have the so talked confidence! So feel free to swap the heels for your favorite, fabulous sneakers or flats if that’s more your speed. You know that heels can elevate your look!

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