Fashion Vibes at the Milan Fashion Week in September

by Marina Greggio
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The Milan Woman Fashion Week in digital was born as a response to social distancing and the difficulty of traveling imposed by the global health situation, but it also wants to be a dynamic solution to the complexities of the present, a tool designed to live a life of one’s own or to support the appointment. with physical fashion shows, when it will be possible to return to face-to-face appointments, which remain fundamental in promoting the enormous productive and creative value of fashion in the world.

With the fourth edition of Fashion Vibes I wanted to represent a dream – as Yuliia Palchykova says, cool hunter who is constantly looking for new fashion proposals and designers all over the world – I wanted to approach the fashion project presented in a new way,  I say a new Renaissance of Fashion, in virtual, represent a dream through a different media by creating a real virtual fashion show through an innovative software in the virtual market in the Fashion field that allows you to show clothes and represent them in a realistic way, but also to create real ones fashion shows with virtual models.

The calendar of appointments of each designer’s fashion shows is streamed through the platform and the news is amplified all over the world: we want, with the online platform, the fairs to live 365 days a year, to maintain a constant contacts between exhibitors and buyers. But not only that, the new Fashion Vibes platform offers many services and opportunities as it will become a world catalogue for companies to shop online, as well as the list of designers with their references.

The Virtual Edition of Fashion Vibes will be very important for buyers: buyers – at the time of accreditation – will have a password to enter the platform, this to facilitate contacts, access the press list and download the look books of each designer, conceived and conceived as a business card – virtual – but punctual and efficient to be contacted and in turn make requests for contacts, the same philosophy that is the basis of social networks – Facebook and Instagram – the possibility for all fashion addicts in the world, bloggers, personal shoppers and designers, models, photographers, to be accredited precisely to facilitate contacts, requests for services, job opportunities, the Virtual Fashion Vibes a virtual platform therefore that becomes a world catalogue where there will  press news and articles on each designer, news on events, always in the fashion sector in Italy, Milan and other fashion events and Fashion Weeks in other parts of the world.


K.F-KEL FEREY (BRAZIL) Runway Show 22.09 at 18:00

MAYAR NAYEL (EGYPT) Runway Show 23.09 at 20:00

NATALIJA JANSONE (RIGA) Runway Show 24.09 at 17:00

CHIARA GULLO (ITALY) Runway Show 26.09 at 15:00

MOMMYDOLLS (ITALY) Runway Show 26.09 at 18:00

BY VEL (KIEV) Runway Show 26.09 at 19:00

RASENA (PERM) Runway Show 27.09 at 18:00

FRISCIANO (ITALY) Runway Show 28.09 at 18:00

ELSA FAIRY DRESSES (UKRAINA) R. Show 28.09 at 19:00

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