Is pink a trend now? Let’s see how

by Marina Greggio
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Is pink a trend? YES! We talked about the history of pink and how it was a masculine color, but let’s see where pink is in our daily life. Pink is everywhere. In the last few years, this color has overcast any prediction, as it spread faster than a virus. 

Sneakers’ brands and activewear started to appear in any shade of pink from the lightest one to the boldest and shocking. From Puma with Selena Gomez to Nike pink has become a matter of lifestyle. If you type “pink” on Pinterest you will find pink pineapples, houses, furniture, and popcorn. That reminded me of a cute place I discovered in London last year called Élan café, where almost everything is pink.


Source: Puma’s Instagram

Pink has become a feminine signature but I feel like it’s not considered a “weak” color anymore. It has acquired power and respect without losing that pure and angelic side. Even chocolate last year became pink. Oh yes! KitKat and the famous Bacio Perugina (Italian brand) were dyed in pink! This new kind of cocoa bean was discovered (ruby) and people got crazy about it! And brands ride the wave.

Luxury brands like Fendi launched an entire pink capsule collection last year and big brands like Ray-Ban created a pink version of his famous signature lenses. As George Clooney always asks: “What else?” Last year was a great year for pink addicted!

But the question is: Is pink a trend now? YES again! Pantone elected coral pink the color of the year, and fashion brands still showed touches of bright and shocking pink in their collections. In my opinion I’m sure we will continue to see this pink mania next year too.

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