Loredana Roccasalva presents her new collection

by Marina Greggio
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The SS20 collection by the Sicilian designer Loredana Roccasalva is dedicated to the “SANTUZZE” Agata, Lucia and Rosalia, a loving nickname used in Sicily to denote the patron Saints of Palermo, Siracusa and Catania. The three women, that became Saints in a land not inclined to exalt the feminine figure, nowadays still turn on the souls of the devotees, celebrating them with traditional and festive rituals on the day of their party.

In the new collection, through the figure of the three icons, Loredana exalts women emphasizing their life made of sacrifices and difficult. Women we find today in the guise of professionals, daughters, mothers and sisters. The idea comes from the mystical encounter between Loredana Roccasalva and Rosa Cerruto, two women rich in stories and experiences. The architect and illustrator Cerruto reinterpreted the classic depictions of the “Santuzze” Saint Lucia, Saint Agata and Saint Rosalia, mixing them with her pop key distinctive trait, while the eclectic designer has created a section of organic cotton T-shirt, innovative and unique that represent the SANTUZZE.

In addition to the T-shirts, the collection is made up of the great sartorial classics by Loredana Roccasalva: the stolkaps, made of cotton fabrics and the skirts, made in four different lengths in order to adapt them to every moment of the day and every situation. The inevitable accessories complete the collection with the classic collars, proposed in the shirt-neck, étudiant and kissed models; embroidered tulle gloves without fingers to use for an evening outfit; the headbands, in fabric and antique buttons and finally the hair bands, made in the same fabrics as the collection, to transform the wearer into fantastic modern SANTUZZE.

The selected fabrics are organic cotton, to bear witness to Sicilian craftsmanship, embroidered tulle, a symbol of richness and preciousness, silk and thick cotton fabrics. The modern Saints are imagined in the scenario of a black and white Sicily, the main nuances that dye the pieces of the collection. The white of the sun-burned sand, the black of the lava stones and the graphic elements that decorate the tapestries of ancient decadent sofas in abandoned houses on the seashore, the same black of the geometries of the pitch-stone floors and the small stones of the bottom of the Alcantara’s waterways. Only a few hints of lime yellow and orange of the setting sun and the turquoise of the water light up the details and accessories of the monochrome outfits of the modern SANTUZZE.

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