PANGAIA the sustainable loungewear

by Marina Greggio

I would like to talk about this amazing brand I recently discovered: PANGAIA. In recent months it had a boom thanks to the spread it had on social networks due to celebrities, influencers, and word of mouth. I bought myself some loungewear pieces because I was attracted by the pop colors, and more importantly, by the philosophy they carry on. I can proudly admit the quality is really high, better than many brands I usually buy, of course, the price is higher, but guys remember you can not have a sustainable and trendy piece for the price of an H&M T-shirt!! Great technologies and new ways of producing cost and must be rewarded!

I chose to talk about this brand because it is almost 100% sustainable - I say almost because living being inevitably pollutes - and it is a great example to follow for any startups and/or businesses already established. It is a case that demonstrates that everything is possible already now and that we, of course, need new technologies and improvements, but if we believe in something, we can already realize it. If we do not act now, every day that passes will be worse for the environment. PANGAIA can be the perfect partner for many brands, for this reason, it needs to be heard and known. The only thing I would improve is the way they announce and sell their products. They say they want to be open to everyone, nonetheless this, they keep selling primarily to the subscribers at their newsletter, and as soon as a collection is out it ends up sold out in few hours. I think they should leave more pieces available and change this weird subscribers' priority.

Kourtney Kardashian wearing PANGAIA
Kourtney Kardashian wearing PANGAIA

Anyway, let's talk about business. To understand the mission of this company you have to start understanding the meaning of its name:
pan | pæn — gaia | gīə
Pan: all-inclusive, especially in relation to the whole of a continent, racial group, or religion
Gaia: Mother Earth

PANGAIA describes itself as "a materials science company on a mission to save our environment." Its team is formed by scientists, technologists, and designers, who spent many years working on solutions for sustainable clothing. The result is a thoughtful collection that uses bio-based, recycled fibers, and materials made from recycled plastic bottles. They combine natural botanical dyes made from natural sources such as plants, with innovative antibacterial peppermint to maintain the pieces fresh for longer.

The company partners with the world’s leading research institutions, laboratories, and scientists in order to bring to life the latest problem-solving innovations in materials science. They do not stop to what they already created. Day by day, they try to improve as to balance those who do not. Moreover, their Internal Research and Development Lab is in Italy – I am Italian so for me this is a source of proud -, supplemented by unique scientific partnership with research labs and institutions in Europe, USA, Japan and Korea.

This is what they use to create a collection: 

  • seaweed fibre derived from saltwater seaweed. This avoids the traditional use of pesticides, excessive water, and land. The fibre created is lightweight, absorbs moisture faster than cotton and retains some active algae nutrients. At the end of the garment’s life, it biodegrades seamlessly. 
  • Peppermint oil treatment a natural, plant-originated textile treatment that has an antibacterial effect. They use it as a finishing treatment to keep the garment fresher for longer: your t-shirt needs to be washed less often, saving water, energy and time.
  • FLWRDWN™ is a fully biodegradable material, created with natural wild flowers, a biopolymer, and infused with aerogel for performance and durability. It is the warm, breathable, hypoallergenic and cruelty-free alternative to goose and duck down.
  • Botanical dyes created from food waste and natural resources. Plants, fruits and vegetables help to achieve rich hues and beautiful tones. They dye textiles in a way which uses less water, is non-toxic and biodegradable. 
  • Organic Cotton made from natural seeds and without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. 
  • Recycled materials because over 100BN items of clothing and 500BN plastic bottles are being produced every year. All textile and plastic waste can be recycled, turned into a yarn and reused repeatedly.
  • Compostable packaging where every PANGAIA product is encased by TIPA packaging, a part bio-based, plastic alternative which fully disappears within 24 weeks in a compost facility.

Through their philanthropy platform, #PANGAIAMissions, they encourage any active involvement: either donating time, energy or contributing funds to pioneering individuals and organizations. They collaborate with SeaTrees, the first blue-carbon, ocean focused platform taking action to reverse climate change by planting and protecting SeaTrees in coastal ecosystems. PANGAIA is focusing on Mangrove planting in Biak Island, Indonesia. Now, $1 from each item of clothing sold will be donated to SeaTrees. For each $1, SeaTrees plant one Mangrove Tree. One mangrove tree store (or sequesters) up to 1 ton of CO2.

Due to the recent events happening in the U.S., they made a statement that they stand in solidarity against racism, police brutality, and discrimination of any kind. They have been trying to understand how they can contribute to healing and support #BlackLivesMatter. Publicly, they have donated to these six charitiesColor Of ChangeBlack Lives MatterACLUNAACPBlack Visions and Reclaim The Block. Then, they have set up an Internal Diversity and Inclusion Council, a cross-functional independent body represented across all levels of the organisation to help implement practices that effectively increase diversity and provide tangible support to various individuals on the team, the wider community as well as relevant organisations.

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