The new 16R Firenze collection is about Tuscany

by Marina Greggio
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 “Lucy’s journey through the flowery fields, in a hot summer sunset”

Flowers and poetry of the Tuscan landscapes inspire the creativity of the designer Romina Caponi for the SS03 collection of 16R Firenze, a number that identifies the chronology of single seasons.

The eclectic designer traces the sound of the dances of famous movie “Stealing Beauty” by Bernardo Bertolucci to shape its own carefully detailed creations. The muse that inspires the 16R collection wears knit dresses that bring the name of many different flowers and every working technique is combined with a flower that characterizes its choice and the color.

A tribute to the beauty of nature and to the eros that bring them together.

The colour palette matches the orange of the “zinnia”, the red “poppy” and the various shades of the white “snowdrop” and plays to mix the brilliance of the tones with a touch of light also through the multicoloured lamé like “iris” of country.

An erotic but delicate sweetness that make us feel an overwhelming freedom typical of the adolescence. The soundtrack that inspires the movement of the 16r muse is the dance of lucy “liv taylor” during the famous film of the italian director.

Key elements are the accessories with the mini-collar “camellia” in transparent nylon with micro rouches trimmings with viscose flower and braided belts that also become light knitted scarfs. Dresses, petticoats and knitted hot pants, either pierced plissé or hand made works, characterize 16R Firenze Summer 2020 season.

Who is Romina?

Romina Caponi is the owner and creative director of the knitwear fashion brand 16R. The brand was founded in June 2016 and is part of the Caponi family company Maglificio Caponi. Romina was born in Pisa and studied at Caterina De’ Medici in Florence where, in 1995, she achieved a diploma in Art and Fashion.  Always passionate about fashion and creativity, she quickly learned her craft within the family business developing a strong artistic flair for the design of knitwear. In 2007 Romina founded her own studio within the family business. In 2016 Romina created the brand 16R, the name being inspired by the year the brand was founded, her lucky Number “16”, her day of birth (16th June) and that of her brother, who sadly died in adolescence. The experience of growing up in a creative and entrepreneurial family, her father an artist-painter, her mother a merchant, and the experience of shared family grief following the loss of her brother, has shaped Romina’s innate attention to research and detail.

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